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Mugen » Mugen Aluminum Radiator - S2000 AP1

Mugen Aluminum Radiator - S2000 AP1

Mugen Aluminum Radiator - S2000 AP1
Year: 2000-2003
Model: S2000
Make: Honda

Part#: 19010-XGS-K0S0

Our Price: $1,745.00
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Mugen Aluminum Radiator - S2000 AP1 Mugen Aluminum Radiator - S2000 AP1

Fits 2000-2003 AP1 S2000 model years.

Provides high efficiency cooling with reduction in weight. Allows stable coolant temperature during racing conditions. Can be used with air-conditioning system and OEM fans.

Mugen Cooling System Development Concept

F20C engine achieving a high level of performance is a very delicate engine. Even a small factor may hinder the real power of 250ps. Following is our advice for the optimum use of the engine’s real power.

  1. Maintain the engine coolant at an appropriate temperature range (between 70ºC to 90ºC.)

    If the coolant temperature were too low, it will not change into HI-VTEC range and if it were too high, the protection program activates and limits the power output.

    It will be effective to install a radiator with increased capacity and also a bonnet (engine hood) with air outlet duct. For the driving on the racing circuit, remove the front license plate to increase the air flow to the radiator. A radiator cap with high pressure valve is also effective. (Remarks: The water temperature gauge in the combination meter alone is not sufficient to correctly understand the water or coolant temperature. For driving on a racing circuit, we recommend that a highly accurate water temperature gauge be installed.)

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